Speaking Engagements

George's mission is to let everyone know that there is hope for them, lifting and motivating those who may be in despair from the loss of a loved one, illness, abuse, rejection and extreme sadness. George speaks to individuals and groups to spread the message of hope and confidence with faith.



George's grandparents, Thomas and Constantina Ziu.

One of the indelible memories left to George was given to him by his grandmother, Constantina, who lost her daughter when she was only a few weeks of age, and again, lost her son when he was only seven. Two major blows to any person, let alone a mother. As a youth, George would visit her in the summer months. Her "country kitchen" contained a large stove and small love seat sofa under a set of windows where he slept. George would peer out of the corner of his eyes in amazement as his grandmother would wake before the sunrise and fall to her knees to thank God for everything she still had and not what she lost. She passed away years later with a smile on her face.

So many of us get "caught up" in this dizzying world of imagery and distraction. Our journey on earth is short in duration and God wants us well with our thoughts and our lives. George will share true life stories that will provoke thoughts to help all "see" and "believe" outside the linear world visible to us. Being "aware" that we are all threads in a woven fabric helps us release the life burdens EVERYONE has in some form or another.

Have faith and believe. Let George help you and your loved ones open their hearts and minds.

Please feel free to contact George -- he will be happy to communicate with you. NOTE: Due to his schedule it may be 24-48 hours before you receive a return message. Thank you.

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