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Lloyd Bolt - "God doesn't expect the impossible from us, He wants us to expect the impossible from Him."

Pastor Jacobsen relates: "While living in Virginia our family started to attend Friends Church. Pastor of the Church, Frank Carter introduced me to Lloyd Bolt who he had known for many years. Lloyd had attended Pastor Carter's church in Eden, NC.

"While in North Carolina, Lloyd had made his career in public safety with the fire service and was a proficient investigator. Upon relocating to Virginia, he accepted a government position with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.



Angel that guards the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona.

"Lloyd had always had an affinity for the Hispanic population. Often, he would assist migrant Hispanic workers with sending funds home to their families and assisted in locating adequate housing, medical care, etc. One day, I received a call from Lloyd that a young 24 year old Hispanic migrant worker had had a serious industrial accident. Apparently, the worker suffered major trauma from a fall that included a punctured lung, broken bones and was unconscious. Lloyd was aware of the situation through his professional capacity. The worker was transported to one of the hospitals in Norfolk, VA where he was assessed and put on a ventilator. In the course of the diagnostic testing, it was determined that the worker had no brain activity. Due to the seriousness of his injuries, his family was immediately summoned from Mexico.

"In the interim, Lloyd asked me to meet him at the hospital. Lloyd and I met in the lobby where he briefed me on the seriousness of the worker's condition and asked me if I would pray with him over the worker in the Intensive Care Unit. We arrived to ICU a short while later. I noticed that each patient was in a "cubicle" rather than the old style curtains so commonly used years before. When we entered I was struck by this very handsome young man lying in the bed with the appearance of merely being asleep. In my mind's eye, I expected to see large bandages and obvious signs of trauma. That was not the case.

"Lloyd had explained that the doctors had felt that there was "no hope" for this young man; hence the reason for summoning the family with the intention of returning his body to his homeland for interment.

"We prayed over this worker not once, but twice in the course of hours. Each prayer time in the hospital consisted of Lloyd on one side of the bed and myself on the other. We prayed fervently for as long as we could the first time before being told to move on as this was the ICU and this patient needed attention. We continued to pray out of the ICU. It appeared that the patient status was unchanged.

"Lloyd had called again a day later to indicate that the family was at the airport and asked that I once again meet him at the hospital to pray over the worker before the family arrived at the hospital. Lloyd and I again entered the ICU cubicle to pray. Lloyd explained to me that the young man's EEG was flat lined and that the life support was continuing for the benefit of his family. The physicians intended to remove him from the same as soon as the family had personal time with him to say 'goodbye.'



God sends Angels to deliver us.

"We took our places on opposite side from one another praying over this man. I can't remember exactly what I prayed but was later informed by Lloyd that I had asked God to 'perform a Genesis work' in this young man. While still in the room, the charge nurse entered and indicated the family had arrived.

"We stepped out and Lloyd greeted the mother and wife of the patient. Lloyd spoke fluent Spanish and was able to detail who he was and what had happened to their husband and son. At one point the mother and wife mistook me for the doctor. Lloyd explained that I was a personal friend of his and was here to pray over their son and husband. Both the mother and the wife hugged me with tears streaming down their faces.

"The charge nurse then asked Lloyd to interpret to the family that this was their opportunity to spend time with the patient before the life support systems were removed. Again, there was no brain activity and no hope for recovery.

"Lloyd and I removed ourselves from the cubicle and waited down the hall just a short distance away to give the family their privacy. Several minutes into their visitation we heard screaming and crying coming from the ICU cubicle. Lloyd and I looked at each other assuming that the young man had died.

"As the commotion continued he and I, along with the charge nurse, entered the cubicle only to discover that the young man was sitting upright in the bed and had pulled the endotracheal tube out of his mouth and throat himself to speak to his mother and wife in Spanish. The young man was doing all the talking because myself, Lloyd and the nurse were in shock. We were speechless.

"After what seemed like a minute, the nurse caught herself and called for a doctor stat. Needless to say the routine of the ICU was changed for the rest of the day. Over the next few weeks the young man's condition continued to improve. Today he has normal brain activity, but has paralysis from the waist down. He is able to now hold his little baby in his arms and hug his wife and his mother. This man was dead! Never underestimate the power of prayer. Never. Miracles happen every day.

"Lloyd has since gone to be with the Lord. He never considered his occupation as just a job, but as a means for him to reach out to enrich others' lives both physically and spiritually. In this particular case, he was able to accomplish both."

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